WunderBar Is An Internet Of Things Starter Kit For App Developers

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European startup relayr, founded in January last year and currently based at the StartupBootcamp accelerator, has kicked off a crowdfunding campaign for a hardware kit for developers aimed at making it easier for them to experiment with building apps for the long-promised Internet of Things.

Apps that can notify you when someone opens the office beer fridge, for example, or share temperature data as part of a global network of sensors.

Relayr’s answer to simplifying the marriage of software apps and discrete hardware sensors that can be located in all sorts of places is a chocolate box of sensors that developers can wirelessly tap into, and integrate into software developed for the Android, iOS or Node.js platforms.

It’s calling this kit the WunderBar — the configuration of which has in fact been designed to look like a bar of chocolate, with seven snap-off-able pieces, and (at certain pledge levels) chunky 3D…

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