Storehouse: An Apple Vet Tries To Move The Needle On Long-Form Visual Communication

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The way we communicate is increasingly visual. The devices that we carry with us are uniquely suited to both capturing and displaying stories primarily comprised of images, rather than words.

Snapchat and Instagram are good examples of the changing ways we’re communicating with each other, but their ‘atomic unit’ — the capsule that they use to present their shared content — consists of a single image or series of single images. Whether it’s the way that we’ve become addicted to the ‘stream’ or a sort of philosophical rubicon, most of the consumer Internet products we’re seeing aren’t shaking this model up too much.

On the other side of the coin we have content publishers who are riding on centuries of experience creating books, magazines and more with strong visual components. But they don’t seem to get devices like tablets and smartphones at all — opting to repackage existing content or…

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